Paul Crawte

Paul is an experienced and qualified coach who specialises in

He holds a range of coaching qualifications and accreditation, most notably a Masters in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University . He is a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, accredited at EIA Senior Practitioner level

Paul's employment history spans 30 years in the public and community sector. Specialising in community based work, particularly with vulnerable groups, he has held roles as Head of a local authority youth service, a safeguarding trainer, consultant to community groups, and project manager in the fields of mental health and the children's hospice and palliative care sectors.

Paul lives in North Hampshire, UK, where he is an active member of his local community.

My Coaching Approach

From time to time we experience self-doubt, grief, or a host of other disruptions to our world and wellbeing. We also find opportunity, inspiring challenges, and other drivers to self-development  through our life journey. My approach to coaching aims to help you explore these encounters, find meaning in them, and work with them to not simply survive, but find ways to thrive and grow. 

We will work flexibly to explore the beliefs you hold that are impacting upon the matters you choose to bring to our space. We can explore where these are rooted and, importantly, how helpful they are.  Calling upon ideas and resources from across the coaching world, we'll work in a flexible way that recognises you as the expert in your life. We'll consider what resources you hold within yourself, as well as those that you can access from elsewhere.

Through gentle conversation, we'll use appropriate challenging of what you offer where it is useful. Developing a level of accountability that works for you, we'll create a space where you can safely play with ideas and say out loud the things you might not want to say elsewhere. It is likely you'll leave each session with some tasks.  Perhaps you'll try out some new ideas in your daily life. Or you may complete a simple set of mind based exercises through the week, Together, we'll explore your internal rule book, and you can consider how helpful some of those rules really are to you.

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