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Coaching is a partnership where the coach helps the client consider, explore, poke, prod, and experiment with how they are engaging with the stuff of their lives. 

Sometimes it's about a particular matter. Sometimes it's about planning ahead and being ready for what comes next. There are a lot of reasons people seek out a coach. I work with people with whatever they bring, and this has included:

I also specialise in supporting leadership development for  new and emerging leaders and managers in third sector organisations.

There are many different approaches to coaching, many techniques and resources that might be engaged. I offer a person centred approach to development coaching. We can work together in a way that is based upon you as the person in the partnership who knows you best, and together we can draw out what motivates you, what works for you, and what it is you really want to work towards.

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Developmental Coaching

I utilise a coaching approach that 

* Recognises you as the expert in your life and circumstances

* Seeks to  understand what motivates and what hinders you in working towards the things you want to achieve

* Understands that having a safe space to explore and experiment with ideas is essential to living well

​I am a person centred coach. How we work together in 1-2-1 settings will be based upon you and your preferences, rather than through a fixed set of parameters. I will bring some suggestions and options, but we will work to your preferred ways of working.

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